We recently had a mums night out to the cinema, mums being my ‘school mum friends’,  we had a lovely meal beforehand, most people were on time, and everyone stayed awake! Winning.

We watched ‘Bad Moms’, a predictably cheesy, American comedy, which we could all relate to. Yes we booked late, which then meant that yes-we were sat so close we could see every pore on the stars’ perfectly made up faces but it didn’t really matter.

It was more about the night out than the film to be honest. I recently drove Poppy back & forth to an evening concert at school, 7.30pm & 9.30pm-it was dark on both journeys, I felt like an elderly person pootling along dazzled by the headlights & being extra cautious-that’s how often I ‘don’t’ get out, I’d forgotten how to drive in the dark?!!

We laughed until we cried & my friend Sarah let me share her scarf as a blanket (does anyone else find cinemas freezing?!) The laughing may in part have been down to me confusing a ‘simulator’ with a ‘stimulator’. Oops.

Before the film, a trailer came on for the new movie ‘girl on the train’, it looked brilliant & we all commented that we’d love to see it, or at least read the book?! (Let’s face it once November is here we won’t get out again until Feb half term at the earliest?!).

And so the bookclub was born.

I forced the other girls into my whatsapp group with the tag line ‘read a book a month, meet once a month to discuss book (read that as eat cheese, drink wine, gossip)…whaddya think?!’ & So, some of us have downloaded the book, some of us have bought a paper copy & some have stolen it from their mother.


This isn’t just about broadening our horizons this ‘book club’ lark. It’s about having a great(intellectual sounding) excuse to get together once a month with the ‘school mums’, some of whom we only manage to snatch twenty seconds with once a week because, Lucie has gone back to work, or Wills started swimming lessons & we have to be the first out of the playground, or Annie has face planted the play on pirate ship in the playground interrupting our train of thought!

This gang of ‘school mums’ they’re not the snooty ‘look how amazing Teddys family school project turned out, we did it on the plane back from the south of France’ they’re not the ‘she can’t sit with us, she isn’t wearing a trendy scarf’. They’re the ones you can ring at 3.15pm(School pick up time) to say ‘ I fell asleep on the sofa with the baby on the boob & a family size bar of Galaxy, can you bring my son home ‘ Which they’ll not only do, but they’ll take him to the ice cream parlour on the way home to give you a bit of time to yourself. They’re the ones who’ll give you a cheery ‘hello!’ every morning even though they’re exhausted from being up all night with the baby or from marking books until 11pm, or they just got off a night shift delivering babies! There’s no bitchiness, no judging if you haven’t hoovered, no comment if you haven’t brushed your hair this week.


So I guess what I want to say is maybe your ‘vibe’ really does attract your ‘tribe’. I’m loving this new adventure we’re on, a common goal to reach, loving spending  20 minutes a day doing something completely for myself & ‘escaping’ real life. Something I don’t feel I’ve done a whole lot of since Annie came along.

We’ve even got a Christmas meal night out booked with at least half the mums in the class coming along!

Its pretty cool socialising with this little gang…..


Oh, & the books alright too.

Lots of love Kirsty xxx

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