New togs..

Being a Mum to four kids, means i’m often last on the list for haircuts, new shoes, expensive bubble bath….and new togs. Often, i have to save for aaages for a lovely new coat, or wait until my birthday in June to receive items i’ve had ‘pinned’to my wishlist for months on end!

I love clothes-but wouldn’t call myself stylish, i just buy what i like & what works for my lifestyle. My wardrobe is a mixture of high street and supermarket brands, i’m no label snob, but i find investing in good quality staples which can be worn throughout the seasons-metaphorical fashion ones & real life ones, is the way to go. Throughout the year you’ll find me in jeans-with flip flops in summer & boots in the winter! Tights and dresses just aren’t practical for clambering in and out of the defender or bringing in baskets of logs. I like a good high waisted pair to hide my muffin top & keep my mum tum a delight for only my husband to have to catch sight of occasionally!

My new ‘Skye’ Jacket from Fatface was really put to the test when we took these photos, it was raining and blowing a gale, but the soft jersey lining kept me warm, and the high neck meant i was protected from the howling wind!

(I’m wearing my ‘all calm’ skinny shaping jeans in these pics-not only do they hold my mum tum in, they also give me an arse!)

I think i’m generally quite a ‘safe’ dresser, i don’t stray far from my (mum) uniform of Chelsea boots, Breton top, blue denim, a scarf and jacket so these gorgeous Esther boots are a little out of my comfort zone-but I flipping LOVE them(no I don’t have time to do up laces, they have a handy zip at the side!)


Lots of folks asked me about this jumper/scarf combo after spotting it in my Instagram story. The scarf its the softest & thickest i’ve ever owned(great for hiding a make-up free face on the school run), the jumper is called Leona, I think it comes in five different colours, is the perfect(tummy hiding) length & has those fab sleeves which come down to your knuckles & fend off frostbite whilst buggy pushing!


There’s been a whole new buzz on Instagram this past week surrounding dungarees! Do you have a pair? Do you love them/hate them? I absolutely love the ones I bought from fatface in March last year, I just need the weather to be *slightly* warmer before I’m brave enough to get my ankles(cankles) out on the school run, I predict a new trend on the horizon!

If you’re in need of a wardrobe update, id definitely suggest popping into Fatface to check out their latest offerings!

Lots of love,

Kirsty xxx

Fatface very kindly sent me these clothes for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own, & genuine xx

Down on the farm.

img_7586Lots of you have asked me to write a post on whats going on on the farm, so I thought id give you an insight.

Here we are at the end of January, and Nigel is as busy as ever. For those of you who don’t know(just shout if you’ve heard it all before) we are an arable farm in Hampshire, we also contract harvest for local farms, build barns, and take on large fencing contracts amongst other things! We live on around 500 acres of beautiful farm land near to the New Forest in a small village. We rent out a third of the farm where we live to a local pig farmer, and grow crops, such as Barley, Wheat and maize on the rest.

At the moment we have winter Wheat in the ground, spring Barley and Fodder beet will be going in(drilled) in March. We have grazed sheep on our stubble turnips(its amazing how quickly they ravage them) over the winter too although sadly they’re on the other half of the farm down the road..if you’ve ever been to Paulton’s Park, you’d have been right next door! The ground will need to be ploughed and cultivated in readiness for the fresh seed to go in, so we really need a good dry base-every year we pray to the weather gods to be kind too us, who knows what this year will bring?

Although it feels like this should be a quiet time of the year, I still find myself alone most evenings until around 9pm. dealing with hormonal meltdowns, homework struggles, crying babies, and dogs under my feet, alone. Nigel’s days are presently occupied carrying out drainage works on other farms, lifting fodder beet for animal feed, a tonne of hedge cutting…the list goes on. We employ eight members of full time staff including, Nige, his Brother, and father, and still the days are long.

When he’s not at work, the jobs really mount up, things that most people could complete in the evenings after work, or on a Saturday morning, we have to squeeze into a sunday afternoon, we have to make ‘jobs’ into family activities so that everyone feels like they’ve had their share of ‘Daddy time’, this must feel like a huge pressure for my husband, and one I probably don’t give him enough credit for. But what five year old boy doesn’t want to explore the log pile for spiders whilst Daddy splits wood nearby? You may have seen my recent Instagram story of Annie having a whale of a time splashing on the drive whilst Nige hosed it down? ive been promising Will a trip to the local swimming pool for months-that was as close as we got.

I guess owning a farm, and ‘country living’ comes with its responsibilities, which must be taken into consideration, we can’t trot off to the cinema, or head out for brunch if a field has flooded thanks to a burst pipe-leaving the pigs without water. Machinery constantly seems to needs servicing or repair, pheasants have to be fed and watered. Sometimes I wish we could just flick a switch for central heating, rather than devoting whole days to chainsawing, splitting, loading, and stacking wood.


I’m really looking forward to brighter, warmer days, where Annie & I can sit in the tractor cab with Daddy & a picnic. Weeks where there are less rainy days, so that my house doesn’t feel like one of the pig arcs I see out in the fields-covered in mud & straw…weeks where there aren’t twenty wet pairs of overalls a week waiting to be washed.


Before we know it, it’ll be half term & we can carve out a  little quality family time, then they’ll be tulips & daffodils everywhere, (flowers solve everything, right?!) January has been a long month, & I for one won’t be sad to see the end of it, the evenings are getting lighter already, have you noticed?..

As always, thanks for reading,

lots of love,

Kirsry xxx


Why won’t my baby sleep!

Did you notice-there’s no question mark at the end of my title? That’s because it’s a statement, me vocalising my internal dialog, it’s not a ‘…I’d like some advice, my baby won’t sleep, what would you do?’.
I don’t think preaching to other mum’s is productive-because what works for my child, might not work for yours.
I’ve been through this phase many times over, with each of my children.


Yep, sometimes they’re teething, have a cold, they’re too hot, too cold, have bad dreams, the list goes onnnn……I think the key is, to just get thorough it-and to remember that this is just a phase; a blip, it won’t last forever, & soon enough, you’ll forget how tough those sleepless nights were!

I feel incredibly blessed to be the mother of four beautiful, healthy children, so no matter how much I moan, I never loose sight of that, but-I feel physically ill when I’m very very tired, hungover, sick, grumpy(angry would be a better word) real, physical symptoms, you can see why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. I personally think, that you just have to do whatever gets you through it-whether that’s bringing your toddler in with you, napping on the sofa whilst paw patrol is babysitting for you, or even taking a day off work to recover-seriously-I have done that!!

At the moment Annie is waking once, twice a night, asking(screaming) for milk, I bring her in with me where she then tosses & turns until the sun appears-I get no real sleep whilst she’s in with us(usually it’s just me & Daddy is relegated to the sofa), as I’m so scared she’s going to fall out of our bed(it’s very high), I find getting up for the school run is then so SO hard. Once I’m up & showered, & have a coffee on the go I can just about cope, probably be as I know that come 9am, I’ll be back home, pottering round the house at my own pace, & nap time will be looming!


The tiredness does make me want to stab my husband in the eyeballs-ok so the sofa isn’t the comfiest place but at least he gets a full-undisturbed, nights sleep! I usually make no effort to converse with him when I’m in a #ireallywillsmotheryouwithascattercushion mood, then he’ll make me laugh, tell me I’m pretty, & that we’re both in this together, & i have no choice but to let him live to see another day.
Don’t let tiredness come between you & your other half-it can drive a wedge-when you feel like the lions share of everything is stacked in your direction-it’ll only make things seem even more overwhelming. If I can just have a bath alone I can pretty much forgive him most sins, so I find asking him to do one bedtime session for me whilst I have a soak gives me that little boost to get through another tough night!


Tonight, I’m going to be the ultimate mean mummy, I’m turning the monitor off, & we’ll see if we can conquer Annie’s current 3am wake habit, I find a night or two of just not giving in works for us, I’ll let you know how we get on!

Much love,
K xxx

It’s almost over!

I don’t have a lot of hobbies. Unless cruising pinterest & gin sampling are hobbies? (You could replace Gin for shortbread, cheese, oat cookies, I’m always up for trying new things?!)

So the thought of the shoot season coming to an end is not one I relish! But having said that- with only three shoot days left for us(the pheasant & partridge season officially ends on the first of February) it feels like spring must be just around the corner. We’ve had some gloriously sunny, crisp days, but I always feel like the lead into February is bright & fresh with the promise of spring in the air.

One thing I guess you really notice living in the countryside is the change in seasons, beating through the woodlands you can see the catkins developing then dropping, the buds now starting to form on the trees, and soon the hidden primroses will start to bloom bringing that beautiful yellow flourish to the contrasting green field headlands & dark woodland leaf carpet.

Our shoot is a friendly, family oriented, we don’t take ourselves too seriously(well, most of us don’t!) and there’s always lots of banter. The shooting is almost secondary to the craic, most chaps will tell you they don’t care if they didn’t hit anything, they were there to just be ‘part of’ the day.


My role is as a beater, that is, to walk slowly through each ‘drive'(an area of scrub or woodland we push the birds out of in order to be shot) we do around five drives a day. We spread out in a line maybe 20 feet apart & armed with a good strong stick, tap the trees & feeders & wander slowly forward together pushing the birds towards the chosen direction, or up & out of their hiding place. Now, usually id have at least one dog to help me ‘work'(some beaters get paid to carry out this role, in our case the kids all get a share of the winners ‘sweep’ a guessing game you pay £2 to play, how many shots/birds the end count will number), but my dogs have decided to only work for our shoot captain -who happens to be my husband!


Much to my frustration, this year they have been stuck to him like glue. If he were to drive off on the beaters wagon to the other end of the drive, they’d even stand next to any man stood near me-rather than stay by my side, extremely annoying , seeing as I trained them & have 100% of the share of their day to day care!!! Luckily I have a one year old who is now pretty good at clapping & hollering to double my manpower-she’s just not quite so good through brambles & streams!


Although I walk the dogs at home on the farm, whilst beating I cover parts of it I ordinarily may not, pockets of woodland, or fields which are too far to venture to with little people in tow, I like to discover carpets of moss between the newly coppiced forests, streams which have turned bright orange teeming with iron bacteria and keeping a track of how the saplings we planted are doing!


Im always the annoying one taking photos of people, dogs, pheasants, I like to be able to look back on each season, to see how much the kids have grown,(the same can be said for certain people’s waistbands!), how many birds we shot, or how good-or bad(!) the weather was!

I hope you enjoy them too-whether you’ve ever been on a shoot or not!(If you haven’t, & would like to, go to the NOBS website, it’s packed with info!

Lots of love,

Kirsty xxx

Sunday morning musings.


Hi all, happy Sunday!

Not sure what you guys are up to today but our family is spread out in all directions, the girls off with their cousins to a local country Park, and Daddy and William on a big way trip with Gramps, uncle Rich & Charlie to pick up some sort of farm machinery!
Annie and I have had a quiet morning and will shortly be off out to drop off grandad Robs birthday present.

I wanted to hop on and chat to you about the world of blogging, vlogging, & Instagram!
Isn’t it amazing how 10 years ago blogs were few & far between, but now you can find a blog on almost any subject which interests you?!
As I’ve mentioned before I started my blog about eight years ago and I’m so glad I did, I’ve used it as a wonderful diary to document our life on the farm bringing up four beautiful children, the trials & tribulations!
But now, I’m worried that this will be ‘just another blog’, my head is filled with ‘will my content be interesting enough? my photos pretty enough?, my home worthy enough??

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