Sunday morning musings.


Hi all, happy Sunday!

Not sure what you guys are up to today but our family is spread out in all directions, the girls off with their cousins to a local country Park, and Daddy and William on a big way trip with Gramps, uncle Rich & Charlie to pick up some sort of farm machinery!
Annie and I have had a quiet morning and will shortly be off out to drop off grandad Robs birthday present.

I wanted to hop on and chat to you about the world of blogging, vlogging, & Instagram!
Isn’t it amazing how 10 years ago blogs were few & far between, but now you can find a blog on almost any subject which interests you?!
As I’ve mentioned before I started my blog about eight years ago and I’m so glad I did, I’ve used it as a wonderful diary to document our life on the farm bringing up four beautiful children, the trials & tribulations!
But now, I’m worried that this will be ‘just another blog’, my head is filled with ‘will my content be interesting enough? my photos pretty enough?, my home worthy enough??

So with a view to getting back into blogging properly (at least once a week) I’d love to know what you be interested in reading here in my little space, more farm goings on? Less Annie spam??

I’m intrigued that there are vast Numbers of followers interested in how people clean their homes, or what they bought an Aldi this week?! I guess us ladies are all as nosy as each other and just want to know what goes on behind closed doors(I know I do!)…

So if you’ve had time to yourself to read this for five minutes today leave a comment below, or comment on my Instagram I’d love to hear from you!!

P.s maybe ‘vlogging’ is a whole other subject?!

Lots of love
Kirsty xxx

3 thoughts on “Sunday morning musings.

  1. Love read you’re blog. I too love knowing what going on behind closed doors! 🙈 P.s you’re Instagram in my fav account-love seeing photos of you’re family

    Gemma xx


  2. I love seeing what you get up to and little Annie is so sweet, I am nosey and love seeing what you get up to on the farm and just day to day things really! I think people will like anything you do to be honest 😊 Xxx


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