Why won’t my baby sleep!

Did you notice-there’s no question mark at the end of my title? That’s because it’s a statement, me vocalising my internal dialog, it’s not a ‘…I’d like some advice, my baby won’t sleep, what would you do?’.
I don’t think preaching to other mum’s is productive-because what works for my child, might not work for yours.
I’ve been through this phase many times over, with each of my children.


Yep, sometimes they’re teething, have a cold, they’re too hot, too cold, have bad dreams, the list goes onnnn……I think the key is, to just get thorough it-and to remember that this is just a phase; a blip, it won’t last forever, & soon enough, you’ll forget how tough those sleepless nights were!

I feel incredibly blessed to be the mother of four beautiful, healthy children, so no matter how much I moan, I never loose sight of that, but-I feel physically ill when I’m very very tired, hungover, sick, grumpy(angry would be a better word) real, physical symptoms, you can see why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. I personally think, that you just have to do whatever gets you through it-whether that’s bringing your toddler in with you, napping on the sofa whilst paw patrol is babysitting for you, or even taking a day off work to recover-seriously-I have done that!!

At the moment Annie is waking once, twice a night, asking(screaming) for milk, I bring her in with me where she then tosses & turns until the sun appears-I get no real sleep whilst she’s in with us(usually it’s just me & Daddy is relegated to the sofa), as I’m so scared she’s going to fall out of our bed(it’s very high), I find getting up for the school run is then so SO hard. Once I’m up & showered, & have a coffee on the go I can just about cope, probably be as I know that come 9am, I’ll be back home, pottering round the house at my own pace, & nap time will be looming!


The tiredness does make me want to stab my husband in the eyeballs-ok so the sofa isn’t the comfiest place but at least he gets a full-undisturbed, nights sleep! I usually make no effort to converse with him when I’m in a #ireallywillsmotheryouwithascattercushion mood, then he’ll make me laugh, tell me I’m pretty, & that we’re both in this together, & i have no choice but to let him live to see another day.
Don’t let tiredness come between you & your other half-it can drive a wedge-when you feel like the lions share of everything is stacked in your direction-it’ll only make things seem even more overwhelming. If I can just have a bath alone I can pretty much forgive him most sins, so I find asking him to do one bedtime session for me whilst I have a soak gives me that little boost to get through another tough night!


Tonight, I’m going to be the ultimate mean mummy, I’m turning the monitor off, & we’ll see if we can conquer Annie’s current 3am wake habit, I find a night or two of just not giving in works for us, I’ll let you know how we get on!

Much love,
K xxx

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