Half term!

It’s finally our half term, I’m so relieved, although I love a routine, I’m ready to have ten whole days off of the school run, morning & afternoon clock watching, waking Annie from naps to head out in the pissing rain, in the car, out of the car, & back in again…. It’s really little wonder she now hates being put in her car seat is it?!

Some half terms I have a determination to do absolutely *nothing* other times, I feel we need to catch up with so many people, or make the most of lovely weather that our feet don’t touch the ground. So I’ve done the ‘big shop’ in preparation for having four hungry mouths to feed all day everyday. I’ve bought enough Capri-suns to picnic till September, and loosely meal planned so that we don’t have to live on fishfinger sandwiches when we get in the door at 5pm & everyone’s hungry RIGHTNOW!

We have a day out planned with Wills school friends, who’s Mummies I don’t see nearly enough of-you know the ones you see every day but you’re too busy chasing a toddler to stop & catch up with properly?

Will wants us to take him swimming. He’s been having lessons for a month now & is desperate to show off his new found confidence.

This is a big one for me-you may not think so, but have you ever taken four kids swimming? If not, check out part-time working mummy Rachael’s post on it, perfectly sums the experience up, it’s basically like dressing wet dolphins in track suits (their clothes suddenly don’t fit), & the aftermath before you even get to the car makes you wonder if you’ve inherited a school of hungry piranhas instead of your kids in the rush to get out of the 90% humidity you’re now engulfed in. Helpfully our pool now has a Costa too- so a family trip requires remortgaging as well as a hip flask of gin for the nerves.

Next on his list is a trip to the beach. I’m thinking we’ll go to one where dogs are allowed, they’ll probably be wanting to get out & about as much as me! We’re very lucky to live so near to the coast, a 40 minute drive can get you to some pretty lovely places. I’m sure the kids will all ask for an ice cream, one will be dropped before it’s had a chance to lick the drips, someone will instantly remember they ‘hate’ the flavour they’ve asked for & within minutes of holding one Annie will be screaming, she seems to get frostbite even in a mild breeze, poor love.

One of our days will be a ‘pack Will off to work with Daddy day’. The girls will be desperate by this point for a day of uninterrupted social media/mind numbing YouTube videos shite, & I’ll be desperate to properly tidy the house, straighten the sofa with no one sat on it & catch up on the washing(anyone else’s kids think it’s completely acceptable to change their outfits three times a day if they’re at home?!)

I also have the best laid plans of cracking on with Wills list of ‘100 frequently used words’. He’s learning to spell ten a week roughly, I feel like I should laminate some & stick them up around the house? Who am I kidding, I’ll downloaded an app like all the other scummy mummies.

Next on the William-centred list is a trip to the cinema. I think the new LEGO movie is on the cards. A year ago I signed up for a £2 travel insurance policy I’d never use, just for the 2-4-1 meerkat movies offer, so if Nige can sneak out of work at 4pm on Tuesday or Wednesday they can both see the film for the grand total of £6 (let’s not mention my husbands sweet addiction which will cost him roughly £17 in pick & mix, twat.)

Both girls have more money in their purses than me (what’s new?) so I’d like to take them shopping alone if we can palm the other two off on a grandparent.

When I say *like to*-I mean in theory, because in real life it’ll be a full on strop fest when they find nothing they want to buy, & I’ll be fleeced for expensive stationary which they won’t want to spend their own money on, or food, they like to think the main part of a day out with Mummy is her spending her last twenty quid stuffing them full of Pizza Hut buffet-eventhough they’ll moan the whole time that they ‘still haven’t brought out a margarita’, get the picture? 

So yeah, that’s how I see the week panning out-loosely.

Now-you may be thinking ‘shit, she IS organised’. Or-you may be thinking ‘..you call this organised, this is my norm’ to me, having four kids, an abscentee husband, farm, part-time job etc etc, means I’m usually at the jugglingtoomanyballsdroppedthemall end of the organisation scale. Which leaves me stressed. Grumpy, no quality time for anyone or any thing. So if I have a bit of a plan in my head, food in the fridge, & my husbands credit card, nothing can go wrong. Right?

P.s. I’ll spam my insta with all the dreamy ‘look how much family fun we’re having’ pics. I’ll put the real stories on my ‘stories’ though*winky face*.


Kirsty xxx

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