Sunny Saturday

Last Saturday was all about my big girl.


After being blown away at parents evening last week, I thought she needed a treat. No little brother or sisters to distract us.

I was born in the beautiful city of Winchester & my mum still lives there(very convenient babysitting opportunity) so it seemed the perfect place for an afternoon out.

With rumbling tummies we couldn’t wait to get to the hottest breakfast/brunch spot in town, Josies Cafe! My brother has been raving about this place for months, I just hadn’t had time to try it out myself!


Winchester can be a tricky place to park in, always busy, barely any parent parking spaces so it’s lucky there’s a car park directly oppposite.

Once inside we joined the queue(I’m told there’s always a queue!) & were quickly greeted by Kate, one of the lovely waitresses who took our name & said we’d be seated asap.

We perused the menu in the ten minutes we were stood waiting -which went by really fast, I don’t know about you but I’m very happy just people watching. A gang of students celebrating a birthday, a young family with a little boy sat drawing, & an elderly couple sharing a slice of cake-warmed my heart!! We were then shown to our table & got our order in quickly..


I went for the breakfast grilled cheese signature sandwich, & a peanut butter hot chocolate, totally indulgent i know, but it’s not often we get to go all out guilt free like this! My toasted sarnie was packed with bacon, sausage, egg, beans, & cheese, it was AHmazing…my bro told me to go steady with the hot chocolate, to pace myself, did I listen? Of course not. I struggled to eat the second half of my sandwich, even though it was so.bloody.good.


We also ordered a double stack of the special pancakes to share-which were peanut butter & chocolate on the day we went, well, they didn’t disappoint. Thick but fluffy, they were almost like a light doughnut, I want to try the summer fruit stack next time!


I loved everything about our trip to Josies.  The food was wonderful-there were lots of healthy choices on the menu for anyone not wanting to go ‘all out pig’ & the juices & smoothies also looked delicious!

I loved the interior decor-industrial but warm & welcoming, the array of home baked cakes behind the glass counter looked so fresh & inticing-I should have got one to take away.


The staff were polite & friendly, flitting about at a fast pace, serving & clearing the busy little hub, with a smile on their faces, I really do appreciate good customer service-wether I’m buying a car or a sandwich!

I thought the prices were very fair for the fresh, cooked from scratch food that we sampled, not a microwaved tin of Heinz beans in sight!!!

I didn’t realise it but I’ve been told this is Josies second cafe, the first being in the Hampshire village of Bishops Waltham, so if you’re ever in our lovely county, hopefully you can find your way to one or the other.

And Poppy? Well she had the loveliest time. After we’d been to Josies, we mooched round primark & new look, in our own time, & just enjoyed each other’s company. Teenage angst & a very busy household can mean I sometimes feel distant from my eldest baby, we needed this time to reconnect, yeah she told me how embarrassing I was making an insta-story about my hot chocolate, & yeah she hated every item of clothing I suggested for her, but, she thanked me, & told me she’d had a wonderful time, what more can you ask for?

Lots of love,

Kirsty xxx

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