Butterflies, Bees & Bathtime….

We’re all really proud to be part of the farming community in our household. I guess my insta name is a dead giveaway ‘the farmers wife’, although, i’m sure they’ll be people who’ll think that I’m not what they picture a farmers wife to be.

I don’t bake a cake a day, have chickens in my kitchen, or drop the kids to school in a tractor. You’ll all be fully aware that it’s my husband & his team who do the hard graft, and the hours & hours of toil outside.
But we do love our lifestyle, being outside a lot, getting mucky, and climbing haystacks in the sunshine, ask the kids where they like to be best though, & riding alongside Daddy in the tractor will be their number one choice!
We were recently approached by a lovely lady named Pip, of Butterflies & Bees, who asked if we’d like to work alongside her & her friend Islay who make the loveliest hand embroidered children’s home accessories.
I love the fact that they’re a little business with their own identity-who don’t just follow the crowd, and unexpectedly-the items we chose are not only beautiful-but are of a quality I could only have dreamed of!
I don’t have a huge budget for children’s clothing(who does when you have four) or bed linen & towels, but I do believe you get what you pay for. I know that the primark duvet covers I have will last the best part of six months-rather than the six years I’ve had out of my Laura Ashley ones.
And in this case, it’s obvious that Pip has taken the time to select the thickest, softest cotton to make her products from. To be specific they’re made from a luxurious 650 grams per square metre of 100% combed Turkish cotton. Whoa. Fluffy.Towel.HEAVEN.
The items we chose were a white towelling bathrobe for Will, & a white bath sheet for Annie. The idea behind hers(its ginormous but stay with me), is that it’s kind of an heirloom piece, which she can pack off to uni with her, or wrap her own children in one day & relive the memories of splashing in Grandmas pool, or warm post bath cuddles with her own Daddy!
Will, of course, wanted to be just like his old man-lads together, post rugby showers, wet hair & a warm robe to wrap up in, although he hasn’t quite mastered doing it up himself quite yet (luckily Daddy doesn’t make the same mistake !)
Both pieces will not just be used poolside, but all year round! I love a huge towel to completely wrap Annie in, toes & all after a bath, & Will’s just like his Mama, insisting a dressing gown is essential attire morning & night!
The motif we chose, well, it was a no brainier wasn’t it??
The chunky tractor design looks fab in both Wills bright red ‘Starry Skies’ & Annie’s vibrant deep blue ‘Cornflower Capers’ & i’m thrilled with the scale of it-it makes a wonderful impact & really goes well with the decor of our bathroom & the children’s shared bedroom.
Of course, there were lots of choices on offer from the website, I counted seventeen different fabric options, available as either a motif or an initial(or two!), towels, bathrobes, facecloths, aprons..& I hear a whisper that Pip is working on some brand new lines too!!
I’m already thinking ahead to Christmas & gifts for new babies due this year, Pip’s customer service has been faultless & her family ethos shines through in her words & work.
So next time you see an Instagrammer or blogger ‘plugging’ an item, you can have a little faith that the products they’re reviewing might just be all that they’re cracked up to be.
The products we’ve been fortunate enough to receive are beyond lovely, & we’re really grateful to have been offered this opportunity.
image1 (1)
So thank you Pip & Co, our new additions now have a place in our daily routines, & will do for years to come.
IMG_0102 (1)
Lots of love,
Kirsty x
P.s William is 6 and is wearing age 7-8  for good snuggle room!

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