Little Adventures

I worked out the other day that Annie won’t be going to pre school until around January 2019. Which sounds like forever away!

At the moment she’s growing & changing daily, a non-stop chatterbox, a little sponge who absorbs everything around her. Her memory is unbelievable, if there was a horse in a field we visited recently & we go back there she’ll remind us of details we would have long forgotten! 

On the 9th of November she’ll be two years old but our ‘baby’ somehow already seems older than her years? Maybe it comes from having so many older siblings, she seems to gallop on to the next ‘stage’ before we know it, a sociable little character who I have no doubt would flourish If she were to start pre school now! Her brother started when he was two, he was ready for adventure, & I felt it wasn’t fair to keep him at home, following me around as did housework when he could be learning & growing & spending time with his peers.

Maybe it’s because Annie is our last, that I’m keener to hold onto her at home for as long as possible? The school days sure do feel like a long slog, although having said that I suddenly somehow have children in year eight & nine?!

The small errands we run seem to turn into the biggest of adventures with Annie. She finds wonder in the world at every turn, her excitement at finding a feather or an acorn is infectious! Maybe my brain has let me forget my past experience of this toddler stage, which is fine by me as I’m loving reliving it….most of the time. We occasionally like to live life on the edge, when she decides to ‘help’ me make a cup of tea when she realises the kettle is boiling, so drags her own stool over to the worktop, Or puts on her own wellies & exits the open back door the the garden to walk the dogs by herself whilst I nip to the loo. ‘Eyes in the back of your head’ was a phrase made for Annie!!

But I think we can learn a lot from little people, as you age, you loose the curiosity, the appreciation & the beauty in the world around you. When she excitedly told an old man in Aldi that she had ‘new socks’ I think it was a little lost on him, but I was happy that she was happy! 

So although some days are hard & leave me counting down to bedtime I will always have a warm feeling on the good ones; that I went on a new adventure with my little bird, however small it may have been!! 

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