Insta ‘stuff’

This past week I’ve felt completely overwhelmed with the whole ‘Black Friday/cyber Monday’ ad’s, posts, instastories, which have deluged my phone like a huge heavy mud slide of spam.

My email inbox is full of ad’s-sometimes more than one a day from the same company shoving their discount codes in my face, never before have I sent so many to the ‘junk’ folder. (Note to self, must remember to reinstate ones from The White Company in the new year though!)

The world seems to have gone mad with the whole sell sell sell, buy buy buy ethos! Now I’m not suggesting that I’m not someone who doesn’t love a discount code induced bargain now & again, but, who ARE these people who can afford to buy themselves allll this new ‘stuff’ so close to the big day(25/12)?! Is it just the fact that I have four children & a small budget I save towards all year to buy gifts which means I have nothing left in my pocket for treats?

At the risk of sounding like a complete negative Nancy so far, I’m not. And if you CAN afford treats for yourself as well as your loved ones at this time of year, that’s fantastic…but I feel like the pressure of ‘having to’ is weighing heavy. My opinion doesn’t come from a place of jealousy or anger, I just feel a bit, meh, like it’s got a bit too much, too intense, too ‘keeping up with the jones’s’ ?

We all want to be in with the ‘in crowd’ to wear lovely things or to buy beautiful candles, fresh flowers weekly, a new TV…but jees, don’t get into debt for that new suede clutch/leather boots/trip to a winter wonderland’ is all in saying.

Not to mention the pressure small brands must be under? I’ve seen people on Facebook asking multi million pound brands why they’re not taking part in the mad Black Friday discount scramble, which I can understand more than those asking independents the same thing! I think it’s very unfair, & I’m happy to see some of my favourite insta buddies doing so flipping well over the couple of months without the need for a gimmick to draw people in.

On the flip side to this I’ve loved watching stories of people picking out their trees, or enjoying a festive hot chocolate whilst watching their towns big light switch on. Experiences are what make memories, not ‘things’ & I hope over the next few weeks I’ll get some time with the kids to be able to do some Christmas crafts & have fun putting up the decs!

(Snowman cookies made by the girls with their Auntie at the weekend!)

Below is one of my favourite little Christmas memories, a tiny photo I keep in my wallet taken a few years ago(pre Annie!) at the girls’ school Xmas fair-the essence of ‘shopping small’ buying beautiful handmade trinkets & gifts crafted by your own kids is just a lovely lovely tradition, & i treasure the things they’ve made me over the years.

The spirit of Christmas isn’t to *spoil* ourselves & our loved ones. It’s to be present, thankful & to be happy with our ‘lot’..

Lots of love,

Kirsty xxx

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