How I style my hair!

Every time my hair is wavy I get a fair few inbox messages asking me how I style it & what products I use, so I thought I’d write a little blog post on it.

Since my lovely friend Charlie at Eden hair kindly gave me the chop, I’ve spent more time than ever actually ‘styling’ my hair!!

You see, I’m not good at ‘hair’ I blame my mother, she wasn’t gifted in the styling department either & so I think our family is sadly lacking that gene!

When my hair was longer i never did anything with it. I never wore it up(a boy in senior school once asked ‘what HAVE you done to your hair?!’ When I wore it in a pony tail & it crushed my confidence of ever wearing it up again, which is a shame as my husband prefers it up, what did that immature 14 year old know!!) but now it’s short I actually love styling it!!

So, starting with my ‘in shower’ routine! I don’t use expensive hair products. I swear by the Aldi £1 shampoo & conditioner & use it daily, (my hair is naturally very greasy) but have used the Aussie miracle hair detangler conditioning spray for literally the last ten years & I absolutely love it (my local Superdrug only had this one last time but it does a similar job).

My hair is very thick so it gets very tangled after being washed & this makes it a really quick job to brush! I also use a purple shampoo & conditioner once a week(mix a blob into your usual shampoo, a little goes a long way, thanks Jo my colourist for the tip!) which you can actually buy in the pound shop, I need such a small amount that these tiny bottles suit me fine!

I like to leave my hair to dry naturally a bit whilst I put on my makeup/wrestle a toddler into her clothes/make toast, then tip my head upside down & blast it dry with the hairdryer for a bit of volume to finish it off.

So I should also say, I naturally have and until this year, id never found a product which could give me a curl for more than an hour or so, no exaggeration. Now this is NOT an #AD I just bloody love what I’m about to show you!!

It’s this nifty little gadget which transforms my poker straight locks into Sam Cussick style bouncy gorgeous waves, it’s called the the Babyliss pro curling iron & I’m sure if you do a quick google search you’ll find it for about twenty quid, which is a BARGAIN! (Mine looks slightly different as it’s super old!)

So i section off my hair & bit by bit twist small sections round the wand(it heats up to 200 degrees so be CAREFUL) holding each for about ten seconds depending on the size of the section, then leaving each one to fall naturally before going on to the next. It probably takes me twenty minutes to do, and lasts two to three days(you may want a waft of dry shampoo in between if you have naturally greasy hair like me!) sometimes I do it before I go to bed & then the waves are a bit softer the next day.

I never put anything on top once it’s curled, ie hairspray as A. It doesn’t need it to keep the curl & B. I like the soft feel not the crunchy one!

And that’s it really!! If like me you have every hair curling gadget going but are yet to find ‘the one’ I urge you to try this for yourself, I’m pretty confident you’ll thank me later!! (I know there are newer versions out there which are probably even better!)

Love Kirsty xxx

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