A Happy Sunday.

I’ve been looking forward to Sunday all week! Breakfast out is a rare treat, breakfast out without two small cheeky children is even more of a treat…so today with a rare day off Nigel was assigned to full dad duty whilst me Poppy & Ruby headed to one of our favourite local tea rooms(It’s more of a luxury log cabin actually) The New Forest Lavender Farm.

Whilst(what appears to be) the entire rest of the country is covered in a thick blanket of beautiful white snow, we have the darkest, windiest, wettest, coldest day ever!! But, this did give me a chance to test out my new Fat Face togs to their full potential!!

The ‘heritage gilet‘ was one of the new pieces I was most excited to wear! I’ve had my current navy fatface one for about four years & it has served me well. The main design hasn’t changed, but it is now made with prima loft rather than duck down(good news for ducks!).

Picking out a new one in the gorgeous rustic red felt so perfectly seasonal, I also grabbed the ‘farah‘ fairisle jumper which compliments it perfectly.

We sat with our backs to the cosy log burner & enjoyed a slow morning of chatting & eating. It’s not often I get proper quality time with my big girls so it was lovely to spoil them for an hour without being interrupted by little people!

The hot chocolates were just what we needed to warm us up & breakfast was yummy! The cabin had been beautifully decorated for Xmas, & filled with usual gifts(we may have picked up a couple of special things!) as well as handmade wreath candle arrangements.

But reality calls, & we have a full afternoon ahead. So it was back out into the rain(I didn’t mind my luxury fleece lined fur hood kept me perfectly cosy!)Me & the girls are heading to my in laws to wrap all the prezzies & the boys are off to chop more logs, we’re gonna need them if we ever get some snow!!

Lots of love, Kirsty x

*This is a sponsored post and FatFace kindly gifted me these items. However all words are my own & this is a brand I buy from regularly!

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