Ergobaby OMNI 360

I’m definitely one of those people who, as soon as they find out they’re pregnant, writes a list as long as their arm of all the things they *need*; A bottle warmer (I breastfed all my babies) a swinging, vibrating, musical, colour changing, bouncy chair (which she hated) & which I had to remortgage the house for, the latest trendy changing bag(with so many compartments I could never find the dummy/keys/teether when i needed them)….you get the picture. But if I had a pound for every time i’ve told someone ‘IF YOU ONLY BUY ONE THING FOR YOUR NEW BABY’…make it an Ergo carrier…i’d be rich!

Aside from the obvious practicalities of wearing your baby(two hands free?YES PLEASE) i find it hard to describe how having them so close actually makes me feel? I just love how cosy it is-Annie likes to tickle me, or play with my hair & stroke my face, we have little chats about where we’re heading & what we’re doing, & she loves being up high enough to take in exactly whats going on! Did you know that babywearing aids in a baby’s development, both physically and emotionally, and also promotes early language development?! (so that’s why she never shuts up!)

I started using my current Ergobaby(360) carrier when Annie was six months old, preferring a wrap style carrier up to that point over the ergo’s newborn insert which neither of us could quite get the hang of. Since then, we haven’t looked back. Whilst the 360 model has been fantastic, I was so excited to try the new kid on the ergo block, the OMNI 360 (omni meaning all, or every) that I practically ripped open the box when it arrived last week! Ergo have taken all the best bits & incorporated them into this carrier, plus they’ve added a handy pouch to the design-something which, for me was really lacking in the past when i wanted to leave the house with just my phone, keys and bank card!

Living on an arable farm with two dogs, there are places a pushchair simply can’t go. But I wear the ergo at home as often as I wear it out & about. You know those days when your baby is NOT going to be put down to allow you to hang the washing out or cook dinner?…

I opted for the midnight blue OMNI for no reason other than I love the colour, but for me personally, comfort is more important than style when choosing a baby carrier(although the OMNI is gorgeous). On a shoot day i can be carrying Annie for four or five hours non stop. At two years old and 11kg she’s not a tiny baby anymore, so I need something with lumbar support and strong shoulder straps for me-but one which is also ergonomically safe & comfortable for her too? The OMNI ticks those boxes for us both. In this new style, the shoulder straps can be crossed over at the back which is great and the switch from inward carry position to outward couldn’t be simpler, just move the velcro tabs et voila. Along with the cushioned and foldable head & neck support, the tuck away hood is great for times you know your baby will want to sleep in the ergo as it perfectly supports their head from flopping once they’ve drifted off to sleep(just use the poppered tabs to fix it to your shoulder/s). It can also shade against the sun or be used for privacy when feeding.

I love the fact that either myself or Nigel can wear this carrier-he finds it as comfortable as me, its SO easy to extend the straps to make it big enough for him-it can swiftly and simply be done one handed…Plus i think he likes the closeness-they have little private chats which i’m not privy too whilst she’s on his back!

Did i say its machine washable too? We all know what mucky little creatures kids are, and i can vouch for the fact that despite numerous washes, my original Ergo looks as good as the day i bought it. Despite a days beating last Saturday I haven’t yet had to wash the OMNI but I’m confident it’ll be just as tough!

The OMNI is suitable from 0-36 months(or up to 15kg), and offers four different carry positions. Although the OMNI was a gift from ERGOBABY, all thoughts and opinions in this post are my own…I absolutely LOVE IT!

lots of love,

Kirsty (and Annie) xxx

P.s (I just wanted to add, the positions I carry Annie in are what work for me & my body shape. So don’t panic if you’ve been doing things a little differently. If you’d like more info on any style of ergo carrier, there are some fantastic videos on their YouTube channel which have taught me methods & features I wasn’t aware of in the past)

Star Baker

I’m not ashamed to admit that trying to keep my children alive by way of feeding them healthy nutritious meals is a battle im constantly fighting,,,and loosing.

Not one to give up, I tirelessly argue, coax, encourage, force(?!) two of my little darlings to eat the food i’ve lovingly prepared. If your kids are fussy too(two of mine are, two are not) you’ll know how gut wrenchingly upsetting it can be to run this gauntlet on a daily/weekly/yearly basis. We’re all just trying to do our best for them yet they continually rebuff our best efforts of making food enticing enough for them to at least TRY some of it?

So i thought id write this post to possibly help out another parent who may be upset and frustrated, possibly just to confirm ‘yep, we’re all going through the same shit’.

In my mind, i feel like if the kids can be involved in what you’re making for them there’s a teeny tiny chance that they may be more up for trying it! Quite often now ruby helps me to prepare tea. of course there are still things which she’ll point blank refuse to eat(pasta!). At age 12 she is obviously a lot more capable than a younger child, but you’ll know what your child can & cant get involved with.

In the winter its far easier to make meals with ‘hidden’ veg i think? They can be blended into bolognaise, soup, shepherds pie, stews. This week though, i wanted to try making a pie, which i hoped most of the family would enjoy. Having a family as big as ours, i have to keep to a budget when planning meals, and often adapt recipes i find online to make them more affordable for us!

For our pie, we used a bag of Iceland frozen chicken breasts, there’s no difference in flavour to fresh ones & the’ye far cheaper(if you’ve never tried them, trust me on this one!) I also wanted to add some leeks-a vegetable none of us ever eat, mushrooms, & onions. We also had a big chunk of an Aldi gammon joint leftover from earlier in the week so i added an equal amount of ham to chicken(yep, we’re big meat eaters if you haven’t already guessed!).

(Gorgeous pie dishes available from Sophia Victoria Joy)

As this is a made up recipe you can pretty much wing it as i did and add whatever you like, the basic principle will still be the same.

Fry off half a bag of frozen chopped onions(ain’t no mother-of-four-farmers-wife got time to stand around chopping onions), two large leeks, we chopped these up TINY to be more child friendly (read as unrecognisable) and a punnet of mushrooms. If you have a toddler-they can easily chop mushrooms!. In a separate pan i gently fried the chopped up chicken pieces.

Now you need to make up some stock, we used two oxo chicken stock pots, with 1000ml of water. Once all of your ingredients are cooked through, its onto the next stage, mixing it altogether!

Firstly, sprinkle three tablespoons of plain flour over the chicken pieces and slowly add the stock, stirring all the time, once its all gently blended bung in the veg. Hopefully you wont get any flour lumps, but for a definite lump free mixture you could make this in a separate pan with a sieve on hand to rescue any disasters(i speak from experience here!).

I then gently let all the flavours swish about in the pan for five minutes, you can add also add in some garlic, or bay leaves, whatever you fancy really at this stage. Then its onto the pie construction.

We used one pack of Aldi puff pastry, which was just enough for the two dishes we used. I think in future, i’ll buy two packs, but, you live and learn.

Having never written a recipe blog post before, things are coming to me as i go along, so i’m just gonna add, before you fill your pie dish, turn it upside down on top of the laid out sheet of pastry to make sure its going to cover it!…

Then transfer your meaty, veggie mixture into your chosen receptacle, whack the pastry on top, brush the pastry with egg wash(one whole egg, whipped up with a fork in a mug) so that it goes golden as it bakes…..ET VOILA! I have an electric oven, so i baked it on 180 for about twenty five minutes, just take it out when the pastry is golden brown.

Now, if you’re lucky, you will all have survived with your sanity.  Before setting out to create the chicken pie of dreams, i thought my main problem was actually getting everyone to eat the sodding thing. But if you’ve come here via my Instagram page, you’ll know, that that was the least of my worries.

you may have noticed that there are no carefully staged, beautifully shot photos of me & Ruby baking this meal, my reality is i don’t have an insta husband stashed away who can take those kind of photos for me, i was a sweaty sweary mess, poppy was too busy trying to keep Annie alive to take any, and the kitchen was a non insta friendly shit hole, so please accept my apologies.

Despite the above, i can confirm that five out of six of us ate (& ENJOYED) the chicken pie of dreams!

So if you do give it a go, & by this stage you’re not too pissed/its not midnight/you actually remembered to buy some as well as the other ingredients on this list, you could opt to serve some vegetables with ‘the pie’, just, ya know, thought i’d add that in there for sarcastic effect.

Much love,

Kirsty xxx