Paultons Park

It’s a hoot hoot, at Paultons Park!..Showing my age there, that used to be their tag line you see. Having grown up living locally to the park my whole life, I have lovely memories of what must have been monthly visits, mainly with my mum, and or my Uncle, Steve, who was/is, a fireman so worked shifts, and took me & my cousin Ali as often as possible & we absolutely loved it!! (There were even dinosaurs there back then!)

Of course, the park(let’s call it that to save time shall we?) has come a loooong way since the 80’s, and is now most famous as being the home of Peppa Pig!

After recently buying season tickets for myself & Will, I thought I’d write a little blog post to give a bit more info in case any of you are also planning a visit?

I wanted to firstly say that although PP world is fantastic, the park as a whole has SO much more than just that to offer.

Many local hotels & B&B’s do a deal with Paultons where by if you book a night with them, you get a second days entry into the park for free! If you go on the Paultons website, it has all the links there for you. Personally if I didn’t live so close(the farm is actually part of the Paultons ‘estate’) i’d definitely do it over two days. (You can just buy a two day ticket if for example you are staying locally with family).

Please please do your research via the app & website before you visit-there is just SO much to see & do, you will benefit most if you plan your way around before you visit.

I’m speaking with experience of visiting with a two & six year old, so you may want to adapt the info to suit your kids. But at the moment Annie still sleeps from 12.30-2.30, and won’t just fall asleep in the pushchair-well, she will, but not till 5pm after a full day out-and as we all know that’s serious danger nap territory! So now that we have a pass, we can arrive for the minute the park opens(around ten or ten thirty, check the website for the opening time on your chosen day) have fun for a few hours & then head home to bed…her not me!

There’s a huge car park, but even if you parked on the farthest side of it you’re still a very short stroll into the park entrance(arrive at 9.30 for 10am opening is my advice…you really don’t want to queue for three miles with kids in the car!) On entering the park you’re greeted with a beautiful tree fountain display and instantly notice how immaculately clean the area is-a theme i’m happy to say is continued throughout the park!!

Once you’ve purchased your tickets you can either eat breakfast in the Rainforest cafe, or head straight for the fun.

Most people with under fives will go straight to Peppa Pig world, not strictly necessary at some points in the year-but if you’re visiting on a weekend, or during the holidays & want to avoid thirty minute queues on the main rides in PP world, this would be my plan of action.

Download the Paultons app-it has a map so that you can carefully plan your route;which I strongly advise, and a queue time tracker which I think it brill at peak times!

Peppa Pig world is really beautifully laid out, with Madame Gazelle’s school house, and , Ducks, rainbows on the floor, (plus Peppas house of course) they’ve thought of all the little details & I actually really like it despite never being a fan of the TV show!

You need to check the website for height restrictions if you want your older child to go on rides in PP World alone but I think they have to be a metre tall for George’s dinosaur ride, the rest are fine as long as you’re accompanying your little one.

Georges spaceship indoor play zone(soft play) can get a little cramped but it’s well catered for all ages with separate bits for toddlers & older ones. And is always spotlessly clean. There is also a phone charger station and small cafe within the soft play area.

I should mention here about food. If you’ve spent the morning in PP World, your little one may now be flagging. The cafe inside George’s soft play sells things like sandwiches,crisps, pizza bread, fruit, and teas and coffees, but, expect to pay ‘theme park’ prices! Personally, I’d take lots of picnic food, or stop at the petrol station very near by which has a Co-Op shop selling lovely sandwiches as well as all the usual stuff. I just can’t justify spending money on expensive take away food with such a big family. The main ‘Wild forest’ cafe at the entrance is again expensive in my opinion. Expect to pay around £60 for lunch for a family of four?

(There is a McDonald’s restaurant located at the afore mentioned petrol station, plus two pubs within about 100 yards of the park, so you may want to end your day there with a good meal if you have a long journey back home?)

Moving on from food, you’ve visited Peppa, so where now? You could ride the carousel, watch a penguin show, or head to new attraction ‘Little Africa’ which has some unusual animals as well as Meerkats which are so close you can practically touch them! Annie absolutely LOVES little Africa and although it’s quite small we can easily spend 40 minutes strolling through talking about all the animals!

Will loves the train which departs from the station cafe, you get a lovely look round from a slightly different view! He also loves the parks, of which there are a few dotted around(some have brilliant fountains for the summer, Muddy puddles and water kingdom!) and would happily spend a couple of hours in the sand pit!

The Dinosaur theme park world ‘Lost Kingdom’ is also fairly new & offers close encounters with amazing(slightly scary) animatronic Dinos, as well as thrill rides for a range of ages.

There are a few big, fast rides which I’m way too chicken to go on, Cobra, Velociraptor & flight of the Pterosaur will satisfy the healthiest of appetites for speed!!!

But if, like me you prefer a gentler approach to fun, there are rides such as the sky swinger, Dino chase and Viking boats to enjoy.

Obviously there are too many rides to list them all but the website has the whole map for you to study & a key to show whether each is for family, thrill, or kids.

There are beautiful animals, and carefully tended gardens throughout the park, Annie particularly loved the tropical birds.

As a Mum, things like clean loos & good changing facilities are very important to me, and I found them to be immaculate, the toilets even have a toddler seat which you can put down, they’ve thought of everything!

(Adult changing facilities are also available, which I’m very happy to report-I wish more places could offer this!!)

There are small kiosks throughout the park selling sweets, drinks & ice creams(I had to sample one to write this-a tough job but someone had to do it, plus season ticket holders get 20% off food so..?)…in the summer it’s a lovely treat to grab a cold lolly!

Lots of rides have photos you can buy afterwards, you know, the ones where you look windswept & terrified… And there is a chance to meet Peppa & George at certain times of day so you can even get a photo with the pig herself! (100% recommend the Paultons app to be able to see times & create a ‘plan’ of action for your visit).

In May two new rides are opening within PP World, the Queens flying coach ride & Grampy rabbits sailing club which both look brilliant, I think ticket prices are fair given how well kept the whole place is & the investment in new rides & attractions.

I’m sure I could go on, but in summary, I love Paultons Park & other than expensive food & overpriced gift shop toys(just as you’d expect of a theme park) I can’t fault it, my kids absolutely love it! This isn’t a sponsored post, & we paid the £118 per season ticket ourselves, but I think it’s a great investment as it lasts for a whole year & I won’t feel guilty about popping in for an hour after school in the summer!

If you’re thinking of visiting-do book your tickets in advance as they’re slightly cheaper. And if you have any questions about any aspect feel free to leave me a comment, email or DM & I’ll do my best to answer!

I’m sorry this was so long, there was a LOT of info, but I hope it’s helpful to some of you!

Lots of love, Kirsty x

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