Investing in our memories. My Olympus Pen E-PL8.

I realised in the process of writing this blog post that my mum & dad were the original ‘vloggers/bloggers’ of their day!

As well as keeping a daily diary( my mum always had a camera to hand for every milestone, birthday, family event. And as my brother & I grew older our family invested in a ‘camcorder’ to capture those still moments as moving images.

(Cut me some slack on the fringe, I was only five & had no say in the matter okay?!)

At the time, my ten year old self just found her annoying, intrusive, a fun spoiler, making us wait before jumping into the Spanish sea so that she could ‘film’ us!!

But, now that I have precious memories captured by her of my babies, just minutes old, their first steps, words, cuddles, it all makes sense & I cherish those DVD’s.

We have albums full of photographs from as far back as when my mum was pregnant with me, each one with a note underneath in the neatest handwriting of where we were or what the occasion was, and the date.

My dad & uncle both had amazing cameras & the photographs are of fantastic quality.

Which leads me to the title of this blog post!

I’ve just got a new iPhone 8 Plus, and it has a fab camera, and huge memory space, but with 20,000 photos on it(I couldn’t bear to leave them on my old phone!), I needed to have a word with myself.

I can be terrible for snapping away ten of the same image & ‘loving’ then all too much to delete any. What’s the point in that? Will I ever print them? Nope. Will I share those memories with my family? Nope. I wanted a ‘proper’ camera, (not just to take pretty pictures for IG) so that I can have far fewer images, but ones I’ll want to cherish. That I’ll actually print out. Perhaps just a handful a month?

I chose the Olympus Pen E-PL8 as for me it sits somewhere between a basic digital camera & an SLR.

I wanted something smaller than a DSLR but with more functions than a regular digital camera.

I LOVE the fact that it has Wi-fi allowing me to connect it to my iPhone & instantly grab a few photos to add to my Instagram or send to my husband. And although it’s quite heavy, it fits nicely into my changing or handbag.

I received so many compliments on my recent ‘snowy’ pictures, so I must be doing something right, but at the moment I have a lot to learn, and have really only scratched the surface of the Pens functions! You’ll find me sat in bed from 8.30pm with my iPhone in one hand and camera in the other, using blog posts I’ve found explaining the most useful functions, trying to figure it all out.

I mainly have it set to auto for now, but I then use the functions within the touchscreen to lighten the image before I start snapping-or to blur the background. It’s pretty foolproof really.

The screen flips down for great selfies, although if you wanted to use it as a vlog camera & mount it on a tripod it wouldn’t be ideal as the tripod fits in front of the screen!! Something I wonder if Olympus will improve on in future models.

You can buy different lenses, which perhaps when I learn a little more I may do. But Poppy is about to embark on a GCSE photography course which we’ll be buying a DSLR for so I may just keep the Pen basic & use her camera for special occasions.

My camera came with a strap, but not all do. You can buy alternative ones which I will do soon, I also need to buy a proper case for it as I’ve already managed to scratch the rear screen & i’m really annoyed with myself!

I can’t yet give you any great tips on the Olympus Pen, but I’m really happy I’ve got it, & I love playing around with the functions & would recommend it!

Please do leave me a comment if you have any burning questions, and I’ll do my best to answer!

Much love,

K xx

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