Three key pieces in my wardrobe. Spring/Summer 2018

I’m not a summer person. The other three seasons are definitely more my bag. With this in mind, the key pieces I’ve chosen, are firmly in my comfort zone.

Does anyone else above a size ten feel strong pangs of ‘my legs weren’t designed for shorts’ the minute the sun comes out? Like, it literally makes me feel a bit sick.

The ‘great’ British Summer is more often than not, a week of scorching heat, followed by three months of drizzle, so when choosing from the latest fatface collection, I was mindful of this, and the first thing that jumped out at me was this little cutie, a cotton jacket in a very ‘modern mama’ camo print! I’m planning on wearing it with most of my existing wardrobe, it seems to make any outfit look effortlessly cool. I’m wearing a size 12, I would say it’s a little oversized so I would try on instore to get the fit you prefer.

Next up, the trainers I never knew I needed! Crisp white, with the comfiest spongy soles, the ‘Weston’ leather trainers have pretty much stayed on my feet since they arrived! Cute summer dress? Trainers. School run in mom jeans? Trainers. You get the picture. The only days I’ve avoided wearing them have been when it’s been raining(don’t forget we live on the farm-unavoidable mud from the back door to the car), or Nige has just cut the grass, who wants bright green streaks on their fresh kicks? Not me. I think I should probably treat these with some sort of protection spray, kids don’t care if they stand all over your feet-neither do dogs for that matter, & im hoping these will stay as a wardrobe staple for some time to come!!

I definitely think accessories can make or break an outfit. I sound like a fashion blogger now don’t I? Of course-I’m not-I’m a busy working Mum & I need to go for practicality-but that doesn’t mean I should forgo style , those cute little round basket bags are high on my wish list, but that wouldn’t be any good on the windy castle ride at Peppa Pig world! I knew making the transition away from a changing bag would mean me carrying more ‘stuff’ but luckily Annie’s potty training journey has been swift. So although of COURSE I still carry baby wipes(lifesavers) I no longer require bulky nappies, bibs, or muslins. The Tara leather backpack has become my new best friend. She’s SO soft & well made, I’m in love.

I really wanted a backpack as my ‘handbag’ as most of the time, although I take the pushchair out with me, Miss independent has other ideas, & I spend most of my time running after her(chasing her out from under bushes and or clothing rails!) & a normal bag just wouldn’t be practical. My mum has also instilled in me an awareness of keeping your bag close by & zipped tight. As you can see from the photos, you’d have a job unzipping this bag, lifting the flap to the right angle & unzipping the internal pocket to grab any loot. I also take my Olympus Pen on days out & want it as close as possible!…And, with four pockets in total the squirrel in me is happy, the more places for me to loose lip balms & coins the better! I definitely think at £89 this is a bit of an investment piece. But I can fit my camera, diary, wallet, keys & more-and I!

Did I say you can wear this bag either as a backpack or as a traditional handbag style? Pretty cool!

I hope you enjoyed this post*!

Much love, K x

*Sponsored by Fatface, but all words and opinions are my own.

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