Collaboration with Dinky Artist

What kind of parent are you when your child brings home an artistic masterpiece?

Do you frame it and hang it in the play room for all eternity. Or, is your style more, ‘put-it-on-the-fridge-then-sneakily-bin-it-when-no-one’s-looking…’!

A quick survey of my mum friends revealed that most of us are in the latter camp. It’s not that we don’t *love* the glitter & rainbows our little Picasso’s have thrown at the page-but we simply can’t store ALLLL of their creations!

Whilst studying the war, Ruby created a watercolour of Poppy fields. It was both beautiful & poignant-a wonderful memory-one to save. And of course, I’ve carefully stashed the first stick man family of the five of us Will drew at pre school. And then there’s Poppy, who spends hours sketching our dogs in beautiful art books, & I always keep my favourites.

At home, my whole family say I have a heart of stone-but just like Rachel in friends I ‘keep the things that matter’. (Well, some of them)

So, when I heard about Dinky Artist, I was A-a bit annoyed I didn’t come up with this great idea, and B-relieved I could shed some Mum guilt about my close relationship with the recycling bin.

You see, Rachel is the founder of a unique UK business, which takes your children’s drawings, and turns them into truly sentimental personalised gifts.

She told me ‘I kept all the homemade Mother’s Day cards and everything my children made, but they were just living in the loft getting a bit damp, wrinkly and ruined!’ Her mission Statement ‘say goodbye to the fridge door & hello to a new world of memories’ really struck a chord with me!

She asked me if I’d like to choose a couple of special drawings to have printed onto products of my choice. I found it really hard to narrow down my choices-but, settled on a particularly poignant drawing Will did after a recent road trip with his Dad to look at a new harvester! They were out until 11pm after driving halfway across the country. I wanted him to write down a few sentences about their day, and to draw a picture for his school handwriting practice book. I was surprised, but very endeared that what he chose to draw wasn’t the big shiny new harvester they drove-but Daddy’s van.

The place where banter & chat takes place, where sneaky snacks are consumed, and the smell of grease & dust is ingrained into your clothes & skin, but I guess, that’s what memories are made of? A feeling, rather than an event?

I chose to have the design printed onto a white t-shirt, & Will gave it Nigel for Father’s Day, he thought it was fantastic!

Poppy is the artist of the family, & her quirky little drawings are so heartwarming! She draws her passions, so animals-horses & dogs mainly…

But on this occasion, flicking through her sketchbook, I found a drawing of a guinea pig which I loved!! We kept Guineas when Poppy was a baby, they’re the sweetest little creatures so I decided I’d love one immortalised on a bag.

We thought the navy organic tote would show off her design beautifully, & I’ve used it to hang on my pushchair for shopping since it arrived, & received lots of compliments from other shoppers!!

Ain’t he cute?!

Both of the items I received are of a lovely quality, & I’m now going to be more careful with what I bin as I’d like to order a few more products.

If you need an affordable gift idea for a teacher, grandparent, parent, carer, neighbour, I think a special drawing, transferred to something which can be worn or used is such a lovely unique gift, which anyone would be proud to receive!

Check out the Dinky Artist website to see for yourself the full range of products!

Kirsty xx

This was a paid Advertisement in conjunction with Dinky Artist. However all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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