‘Prep for Pup’ campaign. In collaboration with Forthglade.

When I’m asked by a brand to work with them, the first thing I consider is ‘is it relevant to me?’

And the fact that we’ve loved & used the Forthglade brand of dog food for years meant it was a no brainier for us to spread the word of their latest campaign!

As you know, we were lucky enough to welcome a litter of beautiful sprocker puppies during the summer! It’s safe to say that they were a huge part of our lives for the eight weeks we nurtured them, treating them with as much love & care as any other member of the family.

We knew that we wanted each of them to lead happy fulfilled lives, with the right families for the breed. Sprockers(working cocker/springer cross) have a lot of energy, & require mental & physical stimulation-‘work’. So we were careful to take the process of finding them new homes, slowly.

We met with potential owners lots of times, met each member of their families-the two legged & four legged kinds, & asked lots of questions until we were satisfied that they could offer just what our pups would need over the course of their lifetime.

Because-it’s a huge responsibility taking on a puppy, or a dog of any age for that matter.

It makes me sad, & angry in equal measure when I see dogs for sale on Facebook which start ‘through no fault of his own….’ & I truly believe that is the case-it’s not a bad animal that’s led to a dog being rehomed, it’s an unprepared owner. Many just don’t have the time, the energy, or the money, to meet the needs of a dog(which has been bought because it’s ‘in fashion’ nine times out of ten).

Forthglade recently launched their puppy care awareness campaign; aimed at helping would-be puppy owners decide if a puppy is the best choice for them, and to help future puppy owners prepare for their new arrival. Which in my opinion is a bloody brilliant(& responsible)initiative for a dog food company to put forward. They even have the support of Tv Vet Steve Leonard, & farmer Adam Henson-who also is helping them to raise awareness of the ‘junk’ in many dog foods!

We were honest with the new owners of our pups when explaining, just how much exercise they would need in the future, whether or not they might chew, how long it could take to toilet train them, & just how much they would need to be fed-all that exercise builds up QUITE an appetite!

Luckily for us, Flo did the bulk of the hard work for the first five weeks or so, but after that it was time to start weaning the pups onto solid food! Having used Forthglade for the adult dogs, there was no question what brand we would choose for the puppies.

Forthglade literally smells like a roast dinner has been cooked in your kitchen-it doesn’t have that awful artificial meat smell that some foods have!! It’s rich & well balanced with just the right vitamins & minerals to nourish growing dogs. I think the pups could smell it a mile of as there were lots of noses in the air as they scrabbled up the side of their crate to be first in line for breakfast(and lunch, and dinner!!)

We gave each new owner a little puppy pack to take away with them, which comprised of a blanket with Flo’s scent on it for comfort. A small toy. a pack of flea treatment? an information pack of the important dates so far in their short lives. And a supply of Forthglade wet puppy food.

The fantastic new ‘prep for puppy’ pack, also includes Flo’s favourite training treats-which I highly recommend for a ‘food driven’ breed such as sprockers!

We’re happy to report that so far-all of the puppies are doing brilliantly, adored by their new families & definitely ‘living their best lives’!

You can read a bit more about the prep for pup campaign here on the Forthglade website.

Lots of love, Kirsty,

(& Flo & Ted! Xx)


We were gifted a selection of Forthglade products in exchange for a written piece on our personal views of them. We have in the past-& will continue to buy it as we feel it’s perfect for our dogs!

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