Spring/Summer wardrobe

I’ve been adding to my spring(and mainly summer) wardrobe since February, as if you recall last year, the weather got warm in May, then really fucking hot until, hmmm October?!

Not one to be caught out(scrap that, I’ve been grief shopping, it’s a thing, I’m calling it) I’ve picked up a few bits here and there & just thought you might like to see them? I don’t have the budget-nor the lifestyle, of a fashion blogger, but a new item every few weeks is affordable for me. I try to stick to what I know suits me, a few failsafes, plus a few ‘new’ bits here and there depending on the years trends.

I’m loving H&M more & more these days, having shunned it in previous years. I’ve discovered a small local branch which feels more manageable to me than the massive one in town. Plus they have a shit load of sale bargains regularly as it’s not a very busy store! I bought a pair of stunning silky looking shorts in January for £8 which I’ve stashed until the sun comes out(or until my Tanya Whitebits game is more on point😉)

This little dress suits my figure, small(ish?)waist & boobs, big hips, long body, short legs. I can still run around after Annie in it & at £12.99 it’s very affordable & it’s made of viscose, so good for the environment!

I also bought the same style of dress in New Look & Asos!! (Once I find something I like, I like to play it safe!) I bought the Asos dress in a 10 as the 12 was big.

So, Asos. Its another brand which is new to me this year.

There always seems to be a free delivery code & once you get the hang of narrowing down exactly what it is you’re looking for you can quickly discover some real gems!

My ‘saved items’ tab is always full of bits I love, bits I’m not daring enough to wear, and even things I can’t afford, a little virtual wishlist.

My most recent purchase-& I think this dress is my favourite so far, will be perfect with converse before the weather warms up, again I sized down to a 10 as the 12 was huge.

Since I chatted about this one on my stories SO many of you have messaged to say you bought it too!

You probably wouldn’t have Center Parcs down as the fashion capital of Wiltshire but I actually picked up five new things from the clothes shop there!! My silver Superdry trainers which you may have seen on Instagram, plus a few bits by Vero Moda.

My ‘haul’ consisted of two t-shirts, a pair of shorts & a lightweight cardigan(mine is beige but it’s the same as this pink one. The best place to buy Vero Moda is on Asos, as the postage is cheaper than on their actual website!

I bought the shorts to an XL, I’m a 12/14 on the bottom & wanted them to be comfortable. They’re really soft, & not too short! What I also like about this brand in comparison to, say, new look, is that the pieces are more classic, they don’t sell out instantly because an ‘influencer’ has worn something. I think it’s nice to have a brand in your wardrobe as a go to which maybe isn’t quite so popular, there’s less chance of every other girl wearing the same

I hope you enjoyed that little wardrobe tour. As usual I’ll show you any other new bits as I buy them. I’m tending to find the supermarkets have some brilliant bits lately, I’ve picked up shoes from Sainsbury’s, swimwear in Tesco, & some really lovely bits for Annie in Morrisons! So watch this space!

K xxx

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