Marwell Zoo Lego Brickosaur Exhibition

Living in Hampshire we’re so lucky to have a multitude of options when it comes to days out!

I’ve been visiting Marwell Zoo since I was little, so it’s somewhere I love to take my own children for yearly visits, there’s always something new to see, & this year is no exception with the arrival of 36 Lego Brickosaurs!!!

In April we were invited along one evening to meet the first few of the new arrivals.

We listened as we were given a tour round, & learned all about the hundreds of hours it took the small team from bright bricks to build the dinosaurs. From little Compsognathus to the showstopping eight metre long T-Rex on display outside the great house! It took the team an estimated 969 days, using over two million bricks to complete the amazing structures which are built entirely by hand!

Last week we went back to see the dinos which had arrived since our trip earlier this year & we weren’t disappointed!

The brightly coloured dinosaurs really are an incredible sight. We each had our favourites & marvelled at how intricate each of the designs were.

Venture round to the back of the great house & you’ll find the Lego brickosaur ‘base camp’.

Two huge pits filled with thousands of Lego bricks(duplo for the little uns’), where kids can have a go at building their own model, it really fired up their imaginations after seeing the Dino creations all round the zoo!

Of course, the Brickosaur displays were all amazing, but equally enchanting were the beautiful animals at the zoo-many, such as the snow leopards, are endangered species.

We learned a lot as we went round, about the work Marwell do with conservation programmes in both the UK & Africa. Marwell Zoo is owned by the charity Marwell Wildlife, & the Zoo aims to educate people as well as raising vital funds to support these projects. When paying your zoo entry fee you can choose to purchase tickets which include a donation to further support this work.

We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day when we visited, & although there were lots of visitors, the zoo never felt overcrowded.

We took a picnic, & ate it inside a dedicated sheltered lunch area so as to avoid wasps, but there were lots of lovely grassy spots to stop off, & wide flat pathways perfect for pushchairs & wheelchairs.

I can’t recommend Marwell Zoo enough as a family day out, as we’re lucky enough to live so close, I’m even considering day yearly passes so that we can pop back at any time!!

There’s lots of info on the free Marwell app, website, & Facebook & Instagram pages if you’d like to find out more on any aspect of planning your visit.

The dinos will be on display until the 1st of September!!

Thanks for reading,

Kirsty x

{Our visit to Marwell Zoo was an unpaid press trip, all opinions given in this post are my own}

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